Benjamin Redelings

Feb 2018


draw-tree - Draw NEWICK (and some other) formatted files.


draw-tree [OPTIONS] tree file


Draw NEWICK (and some other) formatted files.


-h, --help
Produce help message
-W arg (=8.5), --width arg (=8.5)
Page width in inches
-H arg (=11), --height arg (=11)
Page height in inches
--file arg
predicates to examine
--output arg (=pdf)
Type of output to write: tree, topology, mtree, lengths, dot, ps, pdf, svg
--out arg
Output filename (without extension)
Consider only full splits by collapsing any partial splits.
--iterations arg (=2)
Number of iterations for layout algorithm
--font-size arg (=10)
Font size for taxon names
--angle_iterations arg (=0)
Number of iterations for layout algorithm with small-angle penalties
--labels arg (=horizontal)
Are the names horizontal or angled?
Give node lengths evenly to neighboring branches and zero the node lengths.
--layout arg (=graph)
Layout method: graph, equal-angle, equal-daylight, etc.
For equal-daylight layout: take as much daylight as possible?
Start an energy layout with positions from the equal-angle layout - only for multifurcating trees
For equal-daylight layout: reject rotations that shade other groups?
--draw-clouds arg
Draw wandering-ranges in MC trees as clouds.
--seed arg
Random seed
Output more log messages on stderr.


BAli-Phy online help: http://www.bali-phy.org/docs.php.

Please send bug reports to bali-phy-users@googlegroups.com.